Where there's muck, there's brass

We’re 8th generation trumpet builders with a pedigree dating back to 1796. Our trumpets are based on a traditional, no-nonsense approach. We’re not reinventing the trumpet. Instead we make small adjustments and tweaks, to improve what is already there.

We also offer customizations and repairs, preferably in direct collaboration with you, so your instrument is adjusted and fine-tuned to your playing style and preferences.

The Standard

A quintissential Medium Large Bb trumpet, often described as “the best Mt. Vernon I’ve ever played”. We usually customize it to your specifications.

The Gerard

Our Bb trumpet developed for Gerard Presencer from the Danish Radio Big Band. In Gerard’s own words: ”It’s so responsive it makes me laugh”

The C

A lot of players are looking for a C-trumpet that is responsive, but still takes all the air you feed it. Here is is: A bright, clear timbre, without being too light or thin.

The Oslo C

This is our standard C, modified with a few of our favorite parts. Some players feel this gives them tighter slots. Most of them also say that it feels more open. It’s not. but it sure feels like it.

There’s nothing worse than when my instrument obstructs my voice. Gottfried trumpets give me a precision and intonation far superior to other manufacturers. My Gottfried trumpet is key component in my ‘toolbox’, and when I play it in the orchestra I’m confident that it will not set any limitations.

Karl HusumDanish National Symphony Orchestra

I believe this to be the best trumpet I have ever played. This horn is like the finest Bach 37. Oscar is a great maker, but also a great player. It feels like I'm getting better on this trumpet and at this stage (30 odd years down the road), and that's a pleasant surprise!

Gerard PresencerDanish Radio Big Band

I have never played an instrument where the response is more direct and easily attainable in all registers. I highly recommend taking a trip to Copenhagen if you’re looking to purchase a new trumpet (I've bought two)!

Axel SjöstedtOlso Philharmonic